Mar 18


Director: Bobby Yan
Producer: Mel City
Director of Photography: Manfred Reiff
Editor: Lyndon McCray
Production Designer: William Marshall
EFX & Compositing: Bobby Yan
AD: David Bain
2nd AD: John Suarez
Set Photographer: Clayton Roulhac-Carr

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but I’m promising myself to stay more up to date with this.  Been very busy in the backend prepping for my big move towards featureland.  I’ll be posting regularly on my progress on my first feature soon.  In the meantime, check out my new video for Baltimore Native StarrZ.  Shot this one in LA for my client, football star Tamba Hali and his new label Relumae Records.  Had a blast shooting this with the crew and cast.

The video premiered onto MTV Hits.

Dec 4
New Release - StarrZ “Dance All Night”

15 year old new pop star Jeremy Fernandez debuts his new video featuring Juelz Santana.  With minimal resources, we were able to pull this off with a smart crew and lots of support from friends.  I went with a big pop look for this one, using streamlined art direction combined with a lot of in camera lens effects, as well as some greenscreen effects in post and set extensions.  I think the video came out great.  Check it out!

Production Company: NYLAHD ● Producer: Brendan Cochrane ● DP: Patryk Rebisz ● 2nd Unit: Elspeth Brown ● EFX Supervisor/Animation: Antonella Farruggia ● AD: James Fitzgerald ● 2nd AD: David Bain ● Art Director: Bill Marshall ● AC: Chris Eadicicco ● Gaffer: Graeme Dempsey ● Stylist: Stacey Jordan ● Choreographer: Victor Sho ● Editor: Bobby Yan ● Studio/Facility: Solar Plexus 

Jul 2
New Video Release - Jeremy Fernandez feat. Juelz Santana


My new video just released.  Shot on the streets of Philly, I went with a Walking Dead style Zombie theme.  The stark cinematic darkness of the streets and abandoned houses provided a perfect backdrop for the look and feel of the video.  We could not have asked for more in terms of realism, aside from shooting on an actual Hollywood backlot set (in fact this was way better).

Special thanks to the crew at NYLAHD (esp. Brendane Cochrane - multitasking as producer & DP) for working so hard with me to bring this vision to life.  This was a challenging job indeed, as our multiple day shoot was shot in a independent film style.  Extra thanks to our whole production crew as well as all the extras who were patient enough to go through hours of makeup (courtesy of Crystal & Stephanie, our dope makeup team).

Check out the video here:

Definitely thanks to El Sawyer & Jon Kaufman for helping us procure all the locations and showing us some real Philly brotherly love.  Check out their documentary about inmates coming home from prison here:

May 23
New Video Release: Gillie Da Kid w/ Pusha T