My producer and friend Tia Smith made a suggestion to include this video in my breakdown of some greenscreen work.  I had to search through the archives on my desktop to find the original rough cut of this video, but here it is.

I had the idea of creating an extremely visual piece for this song, which is actually the first Gospel video that my team and I worked on, (which lead to many more).  My goal was to create a competitive piece that would be fun and creative enough to reach a broader audience, especially the youth. 

I did extensive storyboarding and prep work for the shoot, and reunited with my longtime friend and Director of Photography, Cliff Charles (  Before we shot, I already knew exactly what I wanted.  This is fairly obvious, but it’s important to prepare yourself properly and have a decent idea of what you want to accomplish before shooting greenscreen.  It makes the post process and edit a lot smoother.  Storyboarding, style frames, photographic or video references all help in the process.

The post for this video consisted of many long nights of no sleep between myself and my GFX partner and friend, Tomas Salles.  We both graduated from the same program at NYU, and since then Tomas has become one of the most respected and sought after VFX artist and technical directors in New York.  Tomas is not only a genius, but one of the kindest and most humble and warmest persons I know.  Tomas and I are teaming up on some future projects together, so be on the lookout.  Check out his work here:

The 3D work was done using Maya.  Thanks to Tomas, we had the help of The Mill’s render farm at night to render our extensive shots and layers.  I did all the compositing with After Effects and some additional 3D work for the white world.

Some of my friends came to support the video, including the amazing actor and community activist, Ephraim Benton (  Ephraim’s doing some big things right now in the indie film community, and I am very excited to see all the growth and energy from everyone that’s literally bursting at the seams. 

May 11 -
Anatomy of a Greenscreen Video Part 2


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